Welcome to Dogform

Dogform luxury handmade dog bows, dog show bows and dog clothes are created for yorkies, shih tzu and maltese dog breeds. Worn by top show dogs and pampered pets all over the world, my customers often say to me "Laura these are not dog bows they are works of art!" I am very proud to offer the highest quality dog bows made from the finest quality materials including sparkling Swarovski rhinestones and crystals, Offray 100% satin ribbon and exquisite imported and vintage ribbons. Each dog bow I create is a symbol of my passion for small dogs and design.

My innovative dog bow designs and construction techniques are world reknown. I created the famous "lattice" dog bow which I named "Lux Lattice Gold" for my first yorkie Bonzi (April 1, 1992 ~ October 13, 2006). The bow is designed with a beautiful gold lattice overlay placed over the satin ribbon bow and embellished with two rhinestones and double strung delicate beads in crystal, red and gold. To carry on the tradition, I created another lattice bow for my second yorkie Chloe which I named "Black Lattice Glamour Diamonds". It is designed with a gorgeous black lattice overlay and embellished with a sparkling rhinestone ball and double strung delicate crystal beads. My unique techniques for embellishing include fancy hand beaded dog bows with petit faux pearls and "double" and "triple" strung dog bows with as many as 48 delicate tiny crystal beads which lend a brilliant sparkle to the dog bow. My superior handmade craftsmenship combines heat sealed ribbon, bow lining and special stiffening to guarantee the longevity of every Dogform dog bow. 

Today my product collection has expanded to include yorkie wrapping jackets in lycra, satin and brocade, dog pajamas, fleece jumpers and topknot pillows. My promise to you is to provide the highest quality dog bows and dog clothes to enhance the natural beauty of your dog while exceeding your expectations in quality, design and service.