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Established by Laura Zuibrycki Dogform specializes in professionally designed and handmade luxury topknot dog bows and dog clothing for small breeds including Yorkies, Shih Tzu and Maltese. Exquisite designs are my specialty from creating innovative overlays to double and triple strung beading and elaborate hand beaded bows. Today I offer over one hundred and fifty styles of dog bows in a rainbow of colors. To compliment my dog bows I have designed wrapping jackets, dog fleece jumpers, dog pajamas and topknot pillows for small dogs.


My creative journey began when I was a young girl five years old trained in classical ballet and performing ballet shows in costumes fit for a Queen. I wore dozens of bows in my hair and on elaborate costumes for shows such as The Nutcracker Suite, The Emporer's New Clothes, Swan Lake the list goes on and competiting in gymnastics and figure skating while studying classical piano. During my grade eight graduation, I was awarded the Family Studies award for Home Economics in sewing and cooking and in my late teen years I coached gymnastics and graduated from high school with a Bilingual Diploma in French. I attended University of Toronto to study Fine Arts and decided I wanted to learn more about design than art so I pursued my studies at Sheridan College in Interior Design for three years. After graduating I worked as a design consultant specializing in high-end residential kitchen and bathroom design. My clients are located from West Vancouver, British Columbia Canada to Hawaii and as far away as Japan. I have translated my love of innovative high quality design and handmade craftsmenship with old-world charm into my collection of luxury dog goods including dog bows, wrapping jackets, topknot pillows and dog clothes. Dogform is a symbol of my passion for small dogs and design!


My dog bow designs are inspired by my late Yorkshire Terrier Bonzi (April 1, 1992 ~ October 13, 2006) and references of color, form and design details from the works of the great masters in art, architecture and fashion from the 17th century to present day. I use elaborate vintage and imported ribbons, Swarovski crystal rhinestones, gold and silver beads and handpainted ceramic centerpieces. My high quality topknot bows are made to last from the heat sealed ribbon edges that never fray to the meticulously formed and lined bow loops that are stiffened to perfection. Every bow has two professional quality latex bands attached to the back with the option of a French style barrette attachment by special order. From classic traditional designs to the exquisite, my Dogform dog bows are created to suit every occasion from the show ring to everyday wear.


I have owned Yorkshire Terriers for two decades and it's been an amazing journey full of love, laughter and countless blessings just as how it all began, the day Bonzi came into my life by surprise and true destiny...a gift from God and with the arrival of my second yorkie Chloe, once again, a magical miracle is truly what my yorkies have been in my life. I hope you enjoy your handmade luxury Dogform dog bows and dog clothes as much as I have in creating them for you and your precious dogs ~ it is with much TLC that I share my passion with all of you Dogform small dog lovers and good friends from around the world! Thank you for sharing this amazing creative journey with me and my yorkies and with you and your dogs ~ together we have made Dogform a very special place to share our passion for our beloved dogs!!!



Laura, Bonzi & Chloe
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